artistic research, concept, ai training, performance, motion-& sound design
design academy eindhoven, ma social design
performed and exhibited @dutch design week 2022, Eindhoven, Netherlands
In a TikTok Challenge sparked by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s WAP music video, millions of people posted videos of themselves performing the sexually suggestive dance. Reels of the Tiktoks leaked into porn websites, shifting in algorithmic influence. Eroliteracy considers the context shift of the sensual and erotic discourse into the hybrid realms and gazes of digital platforms in which many young people learn to move and perceive their own bodies. The performative installation juxtaposes an algorithmically-generated virtual body with a live performance that re-embodies its sensuousness. Playing with tools like abstraction, repetition and transformation, it re-understands deconstructs and challenges the literacy of movement performing on broader societal structures.

Eroliteracy is an ongoing research project that investigates how bodies are perceived and read by exploring the influence of digitally transmitted movement on the physical presence of embodied memory. In doing so, I examine pop cultural trends (such as music videos and viral short clips), particularly with a focus on eroticism and sensuality.​​​​​​​
process of archiving collective sensual body movements
The learning of Artificial Intelligence (AI) from the sexually suggestive movements of the WAP-TikTok Challenge danced and interpreted by dozents of different people set the beginning of a collective body that accumulates into an archive of a collective body of sensual movements.​​​​​​​ The process of teaching and later filming people doing the WAP challenge gave me the possibility to experience and transform with them together the movements. It led to dialogues about erotic and sexual movements performed for the other and movements which actually feel sensual and erotic in one’s own body. 
I want to develop this project by working with marginalised communities that are still underrepresented in the perception of eroticism to make movement and sensuality inclusive.

exhibited 22.-30.10 @DutchDesignWeek Eindhoven, Netherlands 
as part of Design Academy Eindhoven's graduation-show ​​​​​​​
artistic research, concept, ai training, performance, motion-& sound design —  me
sound design — florestan van tschammer (@flohrson), mazarine, me
@social design, design academy eindhoven
used fonts: Rigel designed by Roman Postovoy & publishaead by Supremat / Frauen designed by Lucas Sharp with Wei Huang Roman & Script

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